Accessories and spare parts

We offer temperature probes for warming surfaces and incubators. Our probes use PT100 or PT1000 sensors. We adapt the probe
to any specific instrument in the market e.g. Wika, Dostmann and others. Our probes are unique in the market. A sandwich construction insulates the bottom with sensor, from the rest. The result is precise and fast measurements…..better than the original.

Accessory products and spare parts

111s020   NiloCase for NiloChecker

Download product sheet for UMONIUM 38® NEUTRALIS TISSUES


112s005  Extension cable 3m for NiloChecker probes

111sp006  Set of replacement batteries for NiloChecker 500

111sp011   Wallplug adaptor for NiloChecker

112sp001 Replacement Oxygen (O2)sensor for DG112 CO2/O2 probe and DG122 Flow-through CO2/O2 probe.

Estimated lifetime:  1 year.

126sp001   Replacement Oxygen (O2)sensor for Nilotech DG126 CO2/O2 probe with pump

Estimated lifetime: 1 year.

112sp002  Very flat flexible cable for DG112 FFC

112sp003 Spring for Temperature sensor

11osp002-1  Spare cover for NiloBlock 14S:

700s002  AT702 Analog Temperature Probe for ASL F100 and P755

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