The new all-in-one reference instrument guides you through control and calibration of critical equipment in your laboratory.

Service Engineer? Or generally concerned about the performance of your lab?

With the NiloChecker you can perform most quality controls in the IVF or stem cell laboratory with only one reference instrument.

One reference instrument - many applications

With the NiloChecker you can control and calibrate incubators, laminar flow workstations, warming system etc. No need for multiple instruments from various manufacturers. An increasing range of measurement probes ensures your investment in years to come.

The all-in-one solution

Are you responsible for an IVF lab or any other lab working with living cells, then you know how crucial a correct environment is for the cells. NiloChecker probes were made to control environments where living cells are stored, without disturbing the environment. The NiloChecker is an all-in-one solution. Connect any of our probes, measure, store data and export one report. Simple and fast.

Save precious time on quality and process controls

Perform up to 5 simultaneous measurements. For instance, check an incubator for CO2 O2 and temperature at the same time. The instrument remembers and organizes measurement data. No need to spend time with a calculator, the instrument calculates min, max, average, deviations etc.

Intuitive user interface

A large intuitive  touch screen guides you through measurements. It helps you perform measurements in accordance with
international standards and manufacturers recommendations. The “target select” function makes it easy to organize data for quality reports. The 7″ screen can be operated with gloves.

Measurement probes

Check our current range of measurement probes below. Any of our probes can be used with any NiloChecker instrument and any probe can be connected to any of the 5 inputs on the NiloChecker.
It gives you full flexibility to combine several types of probes in one session and generate on measurement report.

High battery capacity

It is easy to bring the Nilochecker with you. The high capacity battery ensures hours of measurement time, between charging.





No maintenance or calibration

The instrument is fully digital and does not need calibrations. 

You can even continue your work though a probe is out for calibration. All probes are digital and can be calibrated without the NiloChecker. See more under 

Calibration Products


NiloChecker compatible Probes

Temperature measurements

Correct temperature inside incubators or on warming plates is crucial for the survival of living cells. The flat temperature probe can be inserted into any type of incubator, without disturbing the conditions. The cobber bottom ensures good thermal contact with any type of warmed and/or non-metal surfaces.

DT 112 Benefits

This new surface-temperature probe is ideal for controlling and calibrating incubators and warming surfaces. The bottom is made from copper to give optimal thermal contact.
The probe can be placed on an incubator shelf or bottom. It can also be placed inside dishware. The insulated top minimizes disturbance from ambient air when placed on warming plates or inside flow cabinets.

Technical data

Measuring range: -  20 to +50 °C, 5-95% RH
Accuracy:   0,03°C
T90 (min:sec):   1:45
Physical dimensions:   Ø32 mm. Height 13 mm
Cable length:   1,7m (hereof 0,5m Flat Cable)
Housing materials:    ABS, Cobber, IP50
Cable materials:   TPE and PVC
Compliance:   ISO/EN61010-1, RoHS
Medical grade sensor ISO 80601-2-56
Calibration in accordance to ISO/IEC 17025

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Gas Measurements

Gas measurements inside incubators have always been tricky to perform -  especially when it comes to gas analyzers that aspirates gas out of the incubator. Desktop incubators' stability are influenced by even the smallest gas aspirations. The NiloChecker gas sensor is placed inside the incubator without influencing inside conditions, and without the need to aspirate gas. It even supports averaging over longer periods.

DG 112 Benefits

This new combined Carbon dioxide (CO2) and Oxygen (O2) probe is revolutionary in its design and performance. Due to the very flat design and flexible connection, the probe can be inserted into any incubator, including desktop types. By measuring inside the incubator and not pumping gas out, measurement results are more precise.

Technical data:

Measuring range: 0 to 30% O2 and 0 to 10% CO2
Accuracy: 0,2% O2 and 0,1% CO2 +/-3% of measured value.

Operating conditions: 0-50°C
T90: <20 sec for O2, <15 sec. for CO2
Temperature compensated: Yes (20-40°C)
Altitude compensated: Yes (700-1100 mbar)

Display Resolution: 0,1 %
Display updates: 1 per second.

Housing dimensions: (LxWxH): 84x56x17 mm
Cable length: 1,5m -1,7m (hereof 0,5m Flat Cable or 0,25m Very Flat Cable).
Housing materials: Aluminum and Nylon, IP 50.
Cable materials: TPE (Flat part), PVC (Round part)

Compliance: IS/EN61010-1 and RoHS.
Calibration: Delivered Factory calibrated. Can be calibrated in accordance to ISO/IEC 17025.

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Air velocity  measurements

Correct laminar flow in IVF workstations is crucial for not contaminating living cells and for operator safety. The DV119 can be used to control filters and flow according to manufacturer’s recommendations and standards such as EN 12469 in
- Biological Safety Cabinets
- Chemical Fume Hoods
- Laminar Flow Hoods
- Clean Benches
- HEPA & Filter Boxes and more

DV119 Benefits

DV119 is a versatile and rugged, high-performance air velocity probe.
Designed with conformal coated electronics and sealed enclosure, the DV119 is suitable for demanding applications, including those in corrosive or alkaline environments. With its robust, splash proof design, and UV tolerant construction, the DV119 is
designed to handle a wide range of product and process control air flow applications.

Technical data

Measuring range: 0,15 to 1,5 m/s
Accuracy:   +/- 1% of reading +0,05m/s.
Response time:   400 ms.
Physical dimensions:   Ø12,5 mm. Lenght: 290 mm
Cable length:   2,0 m
Housing materials: Poly Carbonate, Aluminum.
IP class: 65
Cable materials: PVC
Compliance: ISO/EN61010-1, RoHS, CE with NiloChecker.
Calibration: Delivered factory calibrated. Can be calibrated in accordance to ISO/IEC 17025.

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Temperature measurements

The DT 121-Up-Down Digital Temperature has a cobber bottom and top which is separated by a spring. This unique design ensures the perfect thermal contact to bottom and lid, and is ideal for controlling and calibrating desktop incubators

DT 121 benefits

The probe can be placed on an incubator bottom, while the spring ensures good contact between upper sensor and lid. As a result, you can measure both the top and bottom temperature at the same time with only one probe.

Technical data

Measure range: -20-50°C
Accuracy: 0,03°C
T90 (min:sec): 1:45
Display updates: 1 per second
Operating Conditions: 0-50 °C, 5-95% RH
Cable length: 1,7 m (including 0,5 m flat cable)
Housing materials: Cobber, foam (nonflammable)
Cable materials: TPE (flat part), PVS (round part)
IP class: 50
Compliances: ISO/EN61010-1
RoHS CE with NiloChecker
Medical grade sensor
ISO 80601-2-56 and ASTM E1112
Can be calibrated in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025

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Calibration Products

See our range of products for controlling and calibrating NiloChecker probes