Accessories for calibration

Made for efficient control and adjustment of the Nilochecker probes

Even the finest equipment needs to be controlled and sometimes adjusted. All our probes have a digital processor that stores calibration data internally. This is why you can continue to work with the NiloChecker, even if a probe is sent for calibration.

Same simple procedure for all probes

The reference

It is recommended to consult with a professional calibration service. Many are accredited to calibrate NiloChecker probes. Accredited services have correct references and can issue qualified certificates.

One simple adaptor for all probes

An adaptor will be needed to control or adjust any NiloChecker probe. The Adaptor connects the probe to a Windows PC. Our adaptor can be used with any Nilochecker probe and the intuitive calibration software.

Software for calibration

The intuitive calibration software guides  technicians through a control or calibration procedure of any Nilotech measurement probe. 

Download the instruction on how to use the adaptor and probe calibration software.

Download the probe calibration software for all Nilochecker measurement probe.


The New all-in-one instrument. Guides you through control and calibration of critical equipment in your laboratory.