The new warming block concept for living cell.
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New concept for safe oocyte retrieval

Our new insulated warming block brings optimal temperature stability to test tubes.This newly developed concept allows visual inspection of tube content with minimal heat loss.
NiloBlock can be used with standard warming surfaces and compatible block warmers.

All-in-one warming block - one simple solution

Made from a solid block

The solid aluminum block ensures efficient heat transfer from warming surface to tubes. In each tube compartment, the bottom is rounded for
optimal heat transfer.

The important insulation

The block and tubes are thermally insulated from the outside by a thin layer of air between block and cover. The insulation ensures a uniform temperature throughout the tubes. NiloBlock 14S is therefore the safest product to use in flow cabinets.

Smart Cover

The transparent cover allows visualization of the content in the tubes which is very important during Oocyte retrieval. The cover is easily removed for cleaning.

The Data

An indication of the blocks ability to maintain heat, is to measure the temperature at the top of the block. Above is a comparison of a leading manufacturer’s block and NiloBlock 14S.

The comparison shows that the insulating cover significantly reduces heat-loss in the block.

To ensure the best operating conditions, the temperature inside the tube must be as uniform as possible. This graph shows the temperature change inside the tube in a standard block and the NiloBlock 14S. Both tubes are 37°C in the bottom (room temperature 21°C).

NiloBlock 14S is compatible with existing block warmers and standard warming surfaces in the clinic.

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The new all-in-one instrument guides you through control and calibration of critical equipment in your laboratory.